Sadol stool

Sadol stool


The three-legged Sadol stool has been a cornerstone of my repertoire for many years. It's a distinctive, versatile Windsor stool that is useful in any room in the house - as well as being beautiful to look at.

The glorious spalted beech saddle of this particular piece really helps it stand out from the crowd. I was lucky enough to acquire this timber a few years ago from Nunhead Cemetery in south London after two large beeches came down in high winds. They've yielded some fabulous timber over the years, and this piece comes from some of the last slabs I still have in stock. Supplies are now dwindling!

The legs are in English ash, finished with black milk paint. The butterfly inlays set into the top and side of the seat to check a small end-grain split are European walnut.

The Sadol is available in a variety of timbers and finishes. Please contact me to enquire about the various possibilities.

Price includes UK delivery. For international shipping please email me.

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