Talking Trail

Aston Rowant, Buckinghamshire

Posted 26th March 2016

I recently went to pay a visit to the site of a big outdoor art project I worked on in 2012. 

The Talking Trail was an interactive sculpture project produced by environmental arts group Outdoor Culture. The Lottery-funded project was completed with input from a variety of local schools and community groups at Aston Rowant, an English Nature reserve in Buckinghamshire. The individual sculptures combined both visual and audio elements to convey aspects of the site's natural and human history.

My own involvement in the project was to co-create three of the six pieces in the trail, working with another artists plus two schools and other local community members to conceive and execute the sculptures. Sound artist Duncan McAfee produced recordings of specially written songs, poetry and stories to provide the sonic element of the installations.

July 2012 was one of the wettest summer months in recent memory, and these made for some highly challenging conditions in which to work. Somehow we pulled it off!

These videos here and here give a lovely insight into what was an inspiring project to be part of.