Bidding farewell to a friend

Bruton, Somerset

Posted 26th March 2016

On the way back from my week in the woods in Wales, I passed by Bruton in Somerset to deliver a chair to a customer.

It's one I've had for a few years and was the original prototype for the 'floating arm' comb-back chairs that have become part of my reportoire now. Although it was a prototype and as such contained elements that could certainly be improved upon, I was fond of this design and as a chair it was very comfortable - in an upright kind of way (which luckily the client wanted, as it was intended for desk use where a more upright posture is preferable).

This particular piece was one of the first to feature what seems to have become one of my hallmarks now - the kinked, free-form stretcher under the seat. I'm not quite sure why I started including these features. I think it was in some the more refined chairs I make, as a kind of reminder of the wildwood where all my chairs have their beginnings. 

I was sad to this one go, but it's gone to a good home and it'll inspire to make some more of these types of chairs.